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Arise and Fight

A Powerful Word from our lovely Jesus

Vicki Goforth Parnell

Received 2-5-21, at 7:48 a.m.

Arise! Arise! Take up your arms!

Take up your arms! Arise, I say, arise!

Why stand or sit ye there, still yet, when I have commanded you to fight?

Fight for your souls. Fight for the souls of those you love.

Fight for the souls you don't know.

Fight, children, fight! For you do not realize your enemy has been advancing.

He has never wavered.

He has been totally determined and dedicated for your destruction,

for the destruction of my beloved church, my beloved bride.

I charge ye this day to arise lest ye be overrun by the enemy.

I am calling my warriors to fight.

Get on your knees and pray to me, Jesus.

I shall lead you in this fight for your soul and that of the lost.

Why sit ye comfortably in your seats of complacency?

Why have ye befriended the enemy and let him come into your lives and wreak havoc from within as well as without?

Persecution shall come.

But, not all that is happening to my beloved church is true persecution.

It is from inviting your enemy into your lives when you walked out from underneath

the protective covering of my blood and the leading of my voice of truth,

and not obeying my holy scriptures.

To sit idly by while others are fighting when you have been called to arms,

called to enter this fight, this is disobedience. This is sin.

Every child of mine who's accepted me, Jesus, into their hearts,

I have equipped to fight on this battlefield for lost souls.

You have My Holy Word! You have My Blood!

You have the authority of My Name, and you have my Holy Spirit to lead you!

Even what you consider in your mind as the weakest of Christians

are greater than satan your enemy and all his hordes of demons.

So, arise My bride, My love, My church. Arise I say!

For with Judgment comes a reaping, a great gleaning.

You must fight!

You must be ready to bring in the harvest. Not just your fields of harvest, but them all.

I charge this again My Bride, My Church:

Arise and fight, for if you do not, many souls shall be lost

and many of my own shall be overcome by the enemy.


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