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Prophetic Videos

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A personal note from Vicki...

“I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that all eyes, ears, and minds are opened by the Holy Spirit and receive the truth within these video messages from God.  Please remember they are dreams.  They are visions.  They are words of love and hope, and words of warning of things to come for you and me. 


As you view each video-offering please pray in Jesus holy name and seek confirmation of the content for yourself.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your understanding, as well as provide insight and discernment of the application of God’s words for your life.  

Dear friend, be blessed and stay under the precious blood of Jesus always.  With His help, this is where you will find me!”

My Actions Do Affect Others Dream

Received by Vicki on 4-15-22, and posted on 5-23-22.  A wise person prepares for battle--that includes becoming a battle-ready believer. This beautiful and instructive message gives us insight into effectively confronting the enemy.  Stay clad in the armor of God!

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Vicki's prophesy videos can be found at the following online locations; just click on the icon below.  Also, the content of each video is printed in her new eBook
  Within her 190+ videos are topics that range from words of encouragement and guidance, to messages of war, famine, pestilence, Satan, the Nephilim, the antichrist, and more.  The most important topic?
Seek God, Repent and Stay Close to Him.


Dreams and Visions from My Lovely Jesus
Vicki Goforth Parnell

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If you feel led, thank you!

Date Journaled:  6-18-22

A Word of Separation and Dividing

A voice from Heaven spoke: Your time has come oh great nation of Babylon, America...Separation from your wealth, separation from your power.... The plagues of Egypt are to follow.

Date Journaled:  4-6-22

A Word of War

Jesus said, "Daughter, war is coming to America like a freight train accelerating to high speed.  Prepare...your season of grace has expired...keep your eyes and heart fixed on me...."

Date Journaled:  3-22-22

A Word of Warning to the Unfruitful

God is laying His axe to the unfruitful branches. Jesus said, "Destruction is at hand...How many wars and rumors of wars does there have to be for you to realize the truth of My Words?"

Date Journaled:  4-6-22

Oh, What a Vision!

Vicki had this vision while praying and interceding with a friend.  Jesus said this 12 times: "I'm coming." Then she sees His right food--poised    in mid-air stepping out onto a white cloud!"

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