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My Lovely Jesus Ministry

Prophetic Dreams & Visions  -  Vicki Goforth Parnell

The Beautiful Story Behind this Painting...

After much prayer, the Holy Spirit led me to paint this for a friend.  I finished it August 16, 2001. I had a vision from our lovely Jesus several years prior while attending the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola Florida after Evangelist Steve Hill prayed for me. In this vision, I was allowed to see our lovely Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane where His sweat became as blood. This continued until He shouted, "It is finished!" at His crucifixion. This picture is a result of that vision. It is, however, not even close to the horribly beaten, battered, and bruised face--they even pulled out His beard--of our of our lovely Savior, Jesus. (Luke 22:44)

-- Vicki Goforth Parnell

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Preparations for:
3 Days of Darkness


If you are not home, get home as soon as possible. If you end up stuck in your vehicle as the darkness falls, pull over and keep all doors and windows locked, and pray!


  1. 3 days of food that needs little preparation and water easily obtainable, easy to reach, don’t have to look for in your house

  2. Candles and lighters/matches on hand; and flash lights.

  3. Close all fireplace and earth stove flues. 

  4. Lock all doors and windows, close all drapes and blinds or cover windows anyway you can like: cardboard, black plastic, towels, etc.

  5. Blankets, towels, washcloths, and warm clothes within reach.

  7.  Ear plugs. (Unless you live without neighbors, you will hear demons and screams from        your neighbors and on your street. This is as serious as it can get. This is not a joke.)

  8. Compile any medication needed.

  9. Bible, notebooks, and pens. You need to be in the Word and praying! You might               need tissue near by. 

      (Compile verses of Scripture to help those who do not know the Lord; and/or those           who have not been living in His will.)

Place items in easily obtainable part of your house. People will not be thinking clearly and they will need these things ready and easy to get without effort. 


*If you find when the darkness falls that you ONLY have candle light, you need to repent before the Lord. Because if you are clean before the Lord you will have electricity.


You will feel the presence of evil around the outside of your homes but never touching you. Do not answer any door if you hear a so-called “relative” or “friend.” It is not! It is an evil spirit trying to entice you to let them in. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Obedience IS the key! This is what the Lord has stated. As with all things, ask Him how you are to handle your particular situation since there may be additional things you need to prepare. 

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God's Faithful Messenger

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Words & Warnings

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Let me Introduce You

"In preparation for ailments to come, the Lord shared with me several herbal treatments that I am passing along to you.  Additional treatments and herbal recipes may be found in the eBook Prophetic Dreams, Words and Visions."

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The Lord says, "Done!" Vicki asks the meaning. He says, "It means, those who earnestly seek a closer intimate relationship with Me are now being empowered by My Holy Spirit with the anointing to be My true Bride.  It's NOW time for them.... (See The "Done" Dream, journaled 5-9-22.)
"The fool says in his heart, there is no God--this is folly...I assure you, I exist....The fool hears the warning bells ringing, but says, it will not happen here...I am coming whether you believe in Me or not...." (See A Word to the Foolish and the Wise, journaled 4-1-22.)

Play Time is Over! Have You Prepared? 

Received by Vicki Goforth Parnell and posted on 2-24-22:  Play time has ended; survival time has begun. Evil is advancing and disobedience is a sin. Bank closures, collapse of the economy, the grid goes down. Prepare for demons as space aliens.

Know What's Coming

Be Prepared & Ready 

Download this FREE eBook of God's loving, imminent warnings--He's telling us to TAKE COVER, NOW!

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