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"I pray as you read these messages, you will be drawn closer to our lovely Jesus. Please pray for clarity, discernment, and personal direction. And truly, if you have questions about the subject matter, please consult the Lord - He's the originator of the content of these dreams, words, and visions. He is all-knowing. Stay under His precious blood always." - Vicki

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About the eBooks

Over 300 dreams,

words, & visions given from Father God, Jesus Christ-His only begotten Son, the sweet Holy Spirit, and Angels Gabriel & Michael.

They were received, journaled, prayed over, and faithfully shared on social media sites.  What you will be reading are the complete un-abridged, original transcripts as Vicki Goforth Parnell received them with no added interpretations or embellishments.

eBooks links are listed below or by bundle.

All eBooks have been updated 11-26-23

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Pages of Book

Original Wording

If you share the eBook or any of the messages from this site--and we hope you do-

we ask that the original wording be maintained.

Please help us preserve the accuracy of the content.

Thank you! 

Family Together

Free to All

The eBooks are free. 

You are encouraged to share it with loved ones and friends. 


Please Note

This is not a professionally edited eBook and we appreciate your understanding with any errors you find.  In some cases, however, the wording is exactly how the information was presented to Vicki.

PDF Transcripts 
listed  by subject

Note: most transcripts involve several subjects. The main subject of the dream, word, vision, or visitation is how each is listed. Transcripts below are only a portion of what is in the eBooks.

God’s not concerned about your correct spelling.

God’s not concerned about your correct spelling. Instead, He will give His messages to you in any form that you can receive and clearly understand it.

When a prophetic word, dream, or vision is given from Heaven it is important for the message to be understood by the one receiving it. The message is thereby delivered in words, imagery, and concepts that are familiar to that individual. God is not concerned with correct grammar but in getting the message to the person in the language (way of speaking) they understand. God will always use what is familiar to that person. This is also why Jesus Christ spoke in parables with imagery of familiar things in the area He was living in while He walked the earth as both God and man.

This is also why in dreams, visions, and words at times there will be familiar language and imagery on the person’s level that will allow understanding to be received by the the one it’s being given to. It is usually done in a way that is meaningful to the person receiving the message. The use of familiar language in prophetic messages is a way to bridge the gap between Father God, Jesus Christ and mankind making the spiritual truth of the message available to all with ears to hear.

Jesus Christ & Father God will talk to you in what language, pictures, and symbols you are familiar with yourself. Even phrases that will convey their message to the person that may not be utilized in another part of the country or even the next city nearby. They are not going to talk to the uneducated man in the language of a professor or doctor but on his level of understanding because they love us and want the message they are giving to be received, understood, and not rejected.

Please take this to the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer and try the spirits.

God bless.

Vicki Goforth Parnell. 5-4-24

Newest PDF's

a person with a fake alien mask partly on.jpg

Fake Aliens & the 3 Days of Darkness Dream 7-11-24. Journaled 7-12-24 @ 9:49 PM

nuclear mushroom cloud.jpg

When You Ask in Prayer in My Name I Will Answer 7-11-23@3:32 PM

Screenshot (129).jpeg

8 Black Suitcases Warning 7-8-24@11:21 AM

Screenshot (129)_edited.jpg

The 8 Black Suitcase Nukes Dream 7-5-24 to 7-6-24


As My Darkness Descends 7-3-24@2:36 PM


Touch Not My Anointed 7-2-24@6:28 PM

Screenshot (115).jpeg

Return to the Back Rock Dream 6-29-24 to 7-2-24

warn them.jpg

End Time Visions With a Word to Follow

6-29-24@12:09 PM


A Conversation Dream About the 3 Days of Darkness & Antichrist. 6-12-24

pic 3a.jpg

The Black Magnetic Rock Dream & Black Rock's Polarity Dream Shared 5-6-24

Jesus Christ, Witnesses & 144,00

Screenshot (445).png

The Battlefield Dream

4-25-24@ 6- 16 AM

behold I come.jpg

Behold...I Come!


good s_edited_edited.jpg

I, The Good Shepherd Am Stepping In

4-29-24@10-23 AM

Screenshot (362)_edited.jpg

I'm Returning as the Lion of Judah 3-30-24@11-19PM Shared 3-31-24

jeuss sword flames.jpg

My Day Has Come, I Come with the Sword! 2-24-24@ 4-:34 PM (Shared 2-26-24)

fire mingled with blood pic.png

The 1st Trumpet Judgment Dream 3-5-24@ 4:45AM & 7-56AM Journaled @ 10-11AM Shared 4-27-24.


I Come Like a Thief



Jesus Christ & The Sickle Dream 11-23-23 Journaled 11-24-23 @ 9:09am


The Hand Dream #2 of 3



Jesus the Judge Dream #3 of 3



3-20-21@4:43AM A Song of Praise Vision PDF


Jesus & The TV Dream


the exodus.jpg

The 2nd Exodus Dream



Oh, the Blood of Jesus Christ Dream 12-2-23 @ 8:40pm

lousinana plantation home.jpg

The Patriarch Lady Dream 3-16-23@3-36am

(Shared 1-20-24)


Smorgasbord of Judgments & 144,000 Servants of Light



Eye of Holy Judgment Dream 3-17-23@5-12AM & 7-15AM


4-17-20@5:56AM How Things Are in Heaven PDF


I've Got An Army of My Own



My 2 Witnesses arise with warnings Word



Hear Me Roar



A Bad Shepherd and Helping in End Time days 6-16-23@7:28am


Come Unto Me Dream

1-8-24@ 5-33 AM

Open Bible Light 2.jpg

The Supplier of My Needs Dream



401K Warning & the Rabbit Hole Tube Dream


(Shared 2-18-24).pdf


Be it According to Your Faith Dream

10-26-23 @ 8:37 am

wolf in sheeps clothing.jpg

Beware of the False & a Warning to the 144000 

11-20-23 @ 8:41am

Cr of Thorns Nails Cross Mallet.jpg

My Blood is Not Powerless



Climbing to my Calling Dream



The Fast Exit Dream

12-10-21@ 5:23AM


 Antichrist & the Two Witnesses Dream 12-12-23 to 12-15-23

Jesus in Clouds_edited.jpg

I'm On My Way



Jesus describing our Wedding Celebration while I was very sick 2-2-22 @ 5:44AM 

isaythisJesus pic_edited.jpg

I Say This



The Marriage Supper Vision



When the Sky is Rolled Back Dream 5-30-24@ 5:32 AM and 7:53 PM


Time of Revealing

6-14-24@6:51 AM

Shared 6-15-24

Mr. Zeb Dreams 1-4 

ai pic.jpg

Dream #1 Hidden Things Revealed Dream


nanobots in body pic.jpg

Dream #2 Mr. Zeb & the Nanobots Dream 8-26-21@4:29am


Dream #3 Exposing the Agenda behind the Chemtrails with Mr. Zeb Dream 

12-16-21@ 8:58PM 


#4 The Giants that Fall Dream 11-10-23 @11:30pm (Mr. Zeb)

White Structure

3 Days of Darkness:


1 of 3, It’s time!

4-18-24@ 2:56PM

depositphotos_84564830-stock-photo-depressed-woman-crying-and-shouting (1).jpg

It's time for Rachel to Weep for Her Children 11-14-23 @ 8:44am.

red box_edited.png

A Present for Our World


journaled 3-28-24

angels .png

I Laugh from the Heavens 3-19-24@ 1:28pm & 3 Days of Darkness Vision 3-19-24@7:40pm

Screenshot (878)_edited.jpg

Seeing Inside the 3 Days of Darkness Dream 4-2-24@10:10 Shared 4-3-24


After the 3 Days of Darkness Has Come



Inside the 3 Days of Darkness Dream

3-9-24 & 3-11-24


How Will You be Dressed for the 3 Days of Darkness?